The company was born in the city of São Valentim do Sul in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in 1976, in the wood industry. It then expanded its business to the agricultural sector, fine wood processing and plastic processing industry. Continuing with its main activity, the company expanded to the city of  Piratini- RS, where it began to buy forests and plant Pinus Elliottii. Later it installed a sawmill for the industrialization of this wood."


Reflorestadora Nichele has a sawmill in Piratini - RS where it sells  unprocessed trunks and pine lumber. Its main sales focus is North America, South America and Europe. It has its own forests of Pinus Elliotti, being totally self-sufficient  in raw materials. It has a 6,000 m² manufacturing plant and more than 80 direct employees. Its head  office is located  in Garibaldi - RS, where it also works with  real estate."


Once again the company opens its business portfolio by starting a wood layering company called  Sul Lâminas in the city of Piratini - RS, where it will start its operations in 2020, being one of the most modern companies in the south of the country."

Our mission, vision and values.

Our mission


Plant and harvest trees sustainably and produce high quality lumber.

Our vision


To be a company that is recognized for the quality of its products.

Our values


Honesty, ethics and commitment.


• Fresh logs.

• Kiln-dried pine lumber.


•  Unprocessed pine trunks

•Fences – With different finishing  and various sizes and thicknesses.

•Wood to manufacture pallets – Various sizes and thicknesses.

National market:

•  Furniture Sector – With various sizes and thicknesses.

•  All our wood is dried in a kiln, with humidity below 18%


Visit us

BR 470 km 223 Garibaldi


+55(54) 3463-8037